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Big Sky

Twin-stick PC shooter billed as "Jeff Minter on E".

Boss Baddie releases Big Sky - Dec 10, 2010

Set somewhere possibly in the future maybe, Big Sky is all about a giant alien invasion threatening what could be Earth. Described as “Jeff Minter on E”, Big Sky is the 3rd title from Boss Baddie. That poor space ship will be up against an unlimited number of increasingly difficult enemies. Equipped only with a giant pulsating laser, space... um... mines, a drill, even more lasers and some kind of vortex creating device.

The game features a slew of enemy types, giant bosses, meteors and planets to smash through. With an upgradable weapons system, online highscore and achievements, all set to a pounding dance track and copious amounts of bloom!

Big Sky is this, and possibly also next years red blooded twin-analogue mining shmup! Big Sky is currently only available for the Windows PC platform. Distribution partners will be announced at a later stage.

Viva la indie!

About Boss Baddie

Boss Baddie is an independent game development studio fronted by both Alex SumesarRai and James Whitehead formed in 2008. Both developers have freeware backgrounds set in both artistic and musical disciplines and went commercial with their upcoming game Tormishire. We’re here to celebrate those years of refined retro graphics and design, of highscore tables and of boss baddies.

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