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Big Run Studios raises $1.4m from Galaxy Interactive

Mobile developer closes seed funding round to bring casual audiences together

Big Run Studios announced today that it recently completed $1.4M in seed round funding, led by leading interactive content and technology investor Galaxy Interactive via its Galaxy EOS VC Fund.

The rapidly growing game studio develops fun and innovative titles that add a competitive twist to classic games. Big Run Studios' breakout hit, Blackout Blitz, has already become a Top 25 Free game on the Apple App Store over the last two months

The talented, multi-disciplined team of gaming industry veterans who have worked on leading franchises including Star Wars, Indiana Jones, FarmVille, Harry Potter, and Madden, have proven they can move the market with games that appeal to communities that are not traditionally represented in gaming because of the casual nature of the gameplay.

By layering in the Skillz competitive mobile games platform, the studio has shown retention, monetization, and growth beyond what has been previously seen in this market space.

"Launching a successful game that stands out in today's multi-billion-dollar mobile games market is extremely competitive and often requires high amounts of capital, large game teams, and massive brands to breakthrough," says Big Run Studios co-founder and CEO Andrew Bell.

"We're proud that our studio's mission of creating great player experiences for diverse casual gaming-playing audiences continues to thrive with the support of Galaxy Interactive."

"Andrew's mission - to create casual games for non-traditional gaming audiences - resonated with us immediately," said Sam Englebardt, head of Galaxy Interactive.

"Big Run's rapid growth as a studio reflects what's possible when a founder and operator as talented as Andrew moves aggressively to put a great plan into action.

"We're confident that Big Run will follow up on the early success of Blackout Blitz with several more cutting-edge games and make a significant mark on the mobile gaming industry."

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