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Big Match Striker

A football game that 'combines chairman, management, player and fan skills'.

7 July 2010: Supermassive Games TM today releases the latest trailer and screenshots of the forthcoming free-to-play downloadable PC football game, Big Match Striker.

The game, which launches at the end of August, challenges players to combine all the skills of chairman, manager, player and fan, resulting in an innovative game that blends football management strategy with animated trivia game play.

Big Match Striker lays down the gauntlet to football fans of all levels by testing their knowledge and strategic skills as they battle head-to-head in the quest for titles, silverware and glory - building their fan base as they go.

Uniquely for a football trivia game new questions are generated daily from official data, keeping the game bang up to date with the latest news from fixtures involving all 92 clubs in the top four tiers of English football.

Big Match Striker quizzes players on up-to-date English Premiership and Football League players, teams and matches, as well as covering all the significant happenings in English football over the years, World Cups past and present and historic football trivia.

Players use their football knowledge to tackle, pass and score goals in fast-paced, incident-packed matches, progressing through the game’s online league system.

Geraint Orchard-Bungay, Supermassive Games TM Online Publishing Director, commented: “Whether people are playing for fun against mates, building their team and club for glory, or competing to prove that they are THE most knowledgeable pundit in the land, players will find that Big Match Striker provides a fun, sociable and competitive arena for all football fans. The accuracy and bang-up-to-date nature of the content is just one of the things that sets it apart from anything else.”


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About Big Match Striker

Big Match Striker, the free to play downloadable PC football game where fans battle head to head in the ultimate championship of tactics and trivia. Players succeed in the game by answering a selection of both constantly updated and historic football questions from English football’s top four tiers, keeping the game concurrent with the real life action. Players can win possession and tackle the opposition by responding quicker to questions, requiring a good level of football knowledge and quick thinking.

The reward of winning matches is gaining fans and in-game currency. This can be strategically used to buy players, upgrade stadiums and even install hot dog vans to attract more fans and progress to the leagues higher echelons.

Players will need to combine all the skills of chairman, manager, player and fan as the title blends the best in football management strategy and animated trivia games. The exciting new title is highly competitive and will challenge all levels of football fans knowledge and strategic skills as they battle in one-on-one leagues to meet the games main objectives - to win titles and silverware, and attract more fans to their club.

Player interaction is a key aspect of the game experience. The games main entry point and community will be hosted online and will contain regular news and features from the game’s editorial team, weekly podcasts with lively chat and debate on the game’s latest talking points and discussion forums for players to interact with each other. The initial game download and subsequent updates will be available from the game website,

About Supermassive Games TM

Headquartered in Guildford, England, Supermassive Games TM Limited is a leading independent UK developer of interactive entertainment. Established in 2008 by highly respected industry veterans, the business now employs more than 85 talented individuals developing cutting edge video games. More information about Supermassive Games Limited can be found on the company’s website,

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