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Property strategy game available now.

Rusty Axe Games, a developer and publisher of downloadable game software, is proud to announce the release of Big$hot! Big$hot is an exciting new financial strategy game about buying and developing business properties from the team that brought you Real E$tate Empire.

In Big$hot you play the role of an entrepreneur whose job is to build a portfolio of properties that can be leveraged into a business empire.

Big$hot is easy to learn how to play with a complete tutorial system, context sensitive help and an online Q&A system that can be launched from within the game.

What to hold, what to fix, what to package up and deal off - it's all about risk and reward as you try to build your property monopolies and acquire strategic businesses that will help you build and promote your burgeoning business empire.

Can you keep up? Do you have what it takes to outwit, outbid, outmanage and out manuever the rest of the pack? Are you a Big$hot?

Find out by logging on to http://www.rustyaxe.com/big$hot/index.php

where you will find more information, a playable demo, screen shots and a comprehensive Q & A log covering basic and advanced strategy questions.


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