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Big Blue Box' Fable goes golden

Fable, the hugely anticipated RPG title for the Xbox which is currently in development at Lionhead satellite studio Big Blue Box, has finally been completed, according to reports which have emerged in the past day.

The game has been in development for more than four years, having been originally announced by renowned game creator Peter Molyneux - founder of the Lionhead studio - as Project Ego back in mid-2001.

Fable is being published by Microsoft, and is expected to ship to retailers in the USA in time for a September 14th launch. The title allows players to follow a character through his entire lifespan, making choices which will decide whether he pursues a good or evil path in life.

Reports of the completion of the game originally stemmed from the Big Blue Box internet forum, while a webcam in Lionhead showed an employee holding up a disc labelled "Fable Gold!"

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