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$0.99 for Halloween week thanks to 50% discount.

In celebration of the Halloween season, BIG BAD Flower's most favorite 'holiday' of ALL, it wants YOU to enjoy world domination for 50% OFF! That's only $0.99 for 1 whole week!

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"Don’t be dissuaded by all the flowers and bubbles, BIG BAD Flower is a big, mean game. You won’t be disappointed." - 148apps

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BIG BAD FLOWER is an evil little plant with roots so deep it stings! It was created by you with one goal in mind, and that is to bubble its way to world domination! Prepare for an intense battle as you bubble your way up from backyard to space and battle creatures such as squirrels, rabbits, giant robots, aliens, and more! BIG BAD FLOWER will keep you playing for hours!

Unique Gameplay:

- Draw circles around enemies to trap them in bubbles

- Short swipe over flower’s face/petals to spin bubbled enemies away

Wacky Creatures to Battle:

- 15 intense chapters with lots of creatures to battle

- 3 different levels from backyard to space

- 3 bonus levels of sheer Mayhem madness

Insanely Addictive

- Watch your flower grow and dominate each chapter

- Beautiful and colorful characters and story illustrations

Device Requirements:

iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad Requires iOS 3.1 or later 9.5 MB

Purchase and Download:



About BIG BAD BRUSH inc.

BIG BAD BRUSH, developer and publisher of iPhone games with a homebase in Canada, is devoted to creating unique and fun iPhone games for every user.



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