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Biart Studio presents the new i-DVD game Crazy Party

For Immediate Release

June 2007

Duration: 18 hours

Site for project:

Biart presents its new project - the new crazy game for all people who like fun. "Crazy Party" is a wonderful possibility for laughing and good mood. It is special for you!

What is an interactive DVD?

- It is a new unique format of videogames. Turn on TV, insert disk into the DVD-player - and play using a simple remote control to operate!

- It is a better quality of image and sound

- It is an opportunity for a company to play without even having to get up from the sofa

- It is a new word in the world of digital technologies

- It is full compatible with PC, PS2,XBOX

Crazy Party is pretty fun game!! And now we are looking for publishers.

What is "Crazy Party"?

- It is a crazy party in jolly crowd of your friends and intimates

- It is a completed electronic version of famous and undying game "spin the bottle". Once a company has gathered in round to spin the bottle. And then the player to whom neck points has to carry out a wish of the one pointed by the bottom. Traditionally "spin the bottle" game is played in condition of light intoxication because the wishes players made are often really indecent!

- It is 8 characters, each with his/her own temper - from skinny young fellow wearing large spectacles to a fury in thorns, chains and black leather

- It is 6 different levels of the game with 60 forfeits on each which vary from harmless flirtation to candidly sexual tasks

- It is all in all 360 forfeits, which is almost 18 hours of revelry and erotic chaos!

- It is the classics tested by time and many gaps of youth, who gather, play and have fun over and over again

What are forfeits?

- It is fascinating tasks. You are going to tickle somebody to death, show everyone how the white bears have fun, collect autographs of all players on your bum And if you dare, you'll listen to gripping stories about your friends' sexual fantasies and temerarious experiments, learn to undress with your teeth, to make artificial respiration, feel yourself a real flasher for a couple of seconds, create a woman of your dream using improvised material, perform the belly dance and a lot of other thrilling actions.

- It is a constraint negotiation

- It is an effective treatment of boredom

- It is a way to become closer

- It is laugh, flirtation and excitement

- It is actually what a good company in search of good entertainment needs!!!

Contact information:

PR-manager : Arina Akhmatova

Tel.: +7 (495) 135-3467, +7-916-236-4147



For publishers:

WWW: (


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