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Beyond Racing: WipEout Pure on the PSP®

For immediate release

* Exclusive 20 artist tracklist featuring Royksopp and Aphex Twin

  • Multiplayer racing between up to 8 competitors
  • First ever handheld game to offer downloadable upgrades - double the size of your game for free

E3, LOS ANGELES, 17 May 2005 - Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) is pleased to announce the upcoming release of WipEout PureTM for the PSP. Developed by SCEE's Studio Liverpool, WipEout Pure is the first handheld iteration of the definitive futuristic racing series, giving you the chance to navigate stunning new tracks at unbelievable speeds. With its stunning visuals and incredible, exclusive soundtrack, WipEout Pure showcases the true power of the PSP - the ultimate in portable, personal entertainment.

This original title, developed exclusively for Sony's new handheld, boasts 12 brand new race tracks, 4 updated versions of classic WipEout circuits, varied gaming modes (including Tournament, Zone Mode and Multiplayer racing) and a pioneering download capability that allows you to double the size of your game.

Available from, the download packages will include 40 new music tracks, 10 new ships, 10 new skins and 16 new circuits. Released at the beginning of each month, the 8 initial packages are split into four themes, each with its own distinct look and style: Gamma, Delta, Classic and, exclusively to PAL territories, the Omega packs.

Gamma and Delta packages expand your tournament in the game's core league mode and offer new high-performance ships and new tracks; Classic packages offer nostalgic WipEout fans the opportunity to race on old circuits with a re-imagined graphical look; and Omega packages contain all-new tracks and ships designed by four cutting-edge artists, allowing you to race through an exclusive work of art.

As with other iterations in the series, WipEout Pure also features music from some of the most cutting-edge artists. The likes of Royksopp, Aphex Twin, DJ Tiesto, Elite Force and Stanton Warriors have contributed to the line-up of 20 tracks written exclusively for the game.

Graphically impressive, musically credible and distinctively designed, WipEout Pure on the PSP offers a glimpse of the future of gaming. Portable, expandable and customisable, ultra-fast and futuristic, WipeEout Pure is pure freedom in racing.

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Notes to Editors

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