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Beyond Protocol

MMO RTS officially launched.

Today, November 21. 2008 Dark Sky Entertainment is proud to announce the launch of Beyond Protocol, an Epic MMO Real Time Strategy (RTS) game set on thousands of unique worlds in hundreds of star systems.

Beyond Protocol is the first ever RTS that provides its gaming community with fully customizable units. Players have the ability to design each component of every unit and facility giving them ultimate ownership and flexibility to create their own strategy.

Are you to be a conquering emperor? A manipulative trade mogul seeking the highest prices for your wares? A diplomatic leader forming powerful alliances and influencing others to aid you in your goals? A treacherous leader of espionage seeking out and leveraging the secrets of other empires? The opportunities and options are limitless.

Through cooperative play, gamers can control a single empire and through aliasing, friends can play each other's empires from their own account allowing for multiple players to control the actions of the empire simultaneously. Truly cooperative play in an MMO setting.

Everything a player does remains in effect when individuals log off and empires continues to build, grow and battle - even while gamers are offline in this truly persistent universe.

Intense 3D graphics with player customizable features such as engine glow, beam color, clarity, and shield bloom provide cinematic video effects and scenery, making this a uniquely engaging experience.

For a limited time, players can try out this one-of-a-kind experience for free, by signing up at Check out our screen shots and actual video footage, and see for yourself if we haven't changed the face of MMO gaming!

Dark Sky Entertainment

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