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Vanilla Live Games

Liezen (Austria), February 2009. Vanilla Live Games are pleased to announce that their ever-expanding casual online arcade, city racing game BETandRACE has experienced a major overhaul with an update to game code. The updates include: Autojoin: with this feature the player automatically gets into a room after their login, boost: the boost of the car will change if the player is 2nd or 8th in the race, so you have better chances of becoming 1st and Direct x 8: this has now been added into the game so that people with older PCs and notebooks have better conditions for gaming.

Link to new updated code: so could you update your links please and code if you have it.

BETandRACE gives you the opportunity to race in real cities, with authentic cars against real opponents for real money. As well as Paris, you can race around in other capital cities including: London, Berlin and Austria.

The user has the chance to select between different cars (such as Volkswagen). The game contains three track-types in each city: a round circuit, a sprint track and a drag track, so download and strap yourself into the driving seat

The user has the possibility to train offline and improve his own racing times. When you play online in the ‘play money mode’ you can race against 7 opponents to train up your skills.

It’s possible to race for play money, which you receive for free from Vanilla Live Games when you register for the game. Real racing atmosphere offers the real money mode (you must be 18+), where you can multiply your stake with only a €1,- bet against 7 opponents. Great money- and goods prizes are waiting for you from September on which you can win in tournaments. You can already pre-register at

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“Better than online poker”

Score 4/5

About Vanilla Live Games

The Vanilla Live Games Software-Development GmbH was founded in December 2006 and develops, publishes and operates an online platform for 3D online multiplayer skill cash games.

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