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Berlin and Vienna street races now under way; London to join in next month.

Liezen (Austria), 26 of September 2008. Vanilla Live Games have successfully launched their massive multiplayer online-racing game, BETandRACE in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in late August of this year. Players experience the real and captivating racing atmosphere of Berlin and Vienna by racing against real opponents for real money.

In the middle of October you will also have the chance to race on the streets of London! Sign up now and train on the tracks of Berlin and Vienna!

Sign up now:

With BETandRACE you duel thousands of real opponents on original adapted tracks in Berlin, Vienna and other capitals of this world. Best of it - you can select your favourite car such as the Golf GTI.

Immediately after the game installation on your PC via the free download, you can practice in the training mode and start to increase your own best time.

In the racing mode you finally have to face the truth! Real opponents are waiting for you! Starting as a rookie in the lowest league, you duel equivalent opponents for victory. Only due to good results you can climb the ladder to success and finally rise in rank to the next league until you have reached the professional league.

A special feature is the completely free play money mode where your success is shown immediately on your play money account - almost like in real life.

An absolute highlight of BETandRACE and worldwide unique is the possibility to play/drive for real money (entirely voluntary and only for players aged 18+) in the real money mode. Your real money winnings can be turned into real cash and paid out at any time (similar to poker games).

BETandRACE captivates by its excellent 3D graphics, a fast and easy entry and short, but very action-packed races (depending on the route max. 2.5 min). Therefore you have several chances to win within a short time.

Use the possibility to share your experiences with other players via the chat function.

Learn more about the extensive features of BETandRACE under

And Now Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines!

... And get BETandRACE totally free on your PC!


- Multiplayer arcade racing game against real opponents

Up to 8 participants for the online multiplayer racing mode Duel with thousands of other players

- free download (BETandRACE Downloadclient approx. 250MB), registration and participation.

- simple game access for new players and easily learn gameplay!

- excellent 3D graphics - all in real time

- Realistic driving experience

- 15 originally adapted race tracks trough famous capitals of the world:

o Berlin (z.B. Brandenburger Gate)

o Wien (z.B. Stephansplatz, Parliament, etc.)

o Paris *

o London *

o Rom *


- each 3 different tracks for each town (circuit, sprint course and drag course)

- Original reproduced, authentic car models (such as VW, Golf GTI, Volvo C30 etc.)

- Various cockpit views:

o Rear

o Driver's View

o Bird's-eye view

o Front

- Various leagues and levels of difficulty: OR Various play modes

o Rookie

o Amateur

o City Masters

- Car Configurator (garage):

o Tuning functions / car vernier adjustment (braking, acceleration, top speed, etc.)

o Color selection

o Own license plate

o Car stickers, etc.

- Different game modes:

o Training mode: including best time-ghost (single-player mode)

o Play money mode: multiplayer mode with play money profits (2-8 players per race)

o Real money mode: multiplayer mode with real money profits (only for people over 18 years, 2-8 players per race)

o Tournament Mode


Career mode, race statistics and various news of success, such as

o All-Time High

o-Ranking and career displays: victories, second and third placings

o Individual winning accounts

- Different weather conditions (rain, snow, etc.)

- Day and night mode

- Authentic sound effects

- Different music genres and styles *

- Integrated chat feature

- Tutorial

- And much more

Some game enhancements and features are not yet available, but they will follow in the next few weeks. The revision will be carried out via a free update.

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