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“ESC 04” Special Edition Retail Packs

Monday 1 November 2004/... The ESC (Entertainment Software Charity), the official charity for the UK video and computer games industry, has confirmed details of the next limited edition triple game pack for PlayStation 2. "ESC 04" will be one of the charity's leading fundraising initiatives this year and will help to raise funds for disadvantaged young people.

With a release date expected in early November the ESC 04 special edition pack will comprise three titles: Midnight Club from Rockstar Games, Rayman® RevolutionTM from Ubisoft and Pitfall®: The Lost ExpeditionTM from Activision, Inc. Gamers across the country will be able to buy the ESC 04 pack for just £29.99.

Mark Strachan, CEO of the ESC, said: "The games packs offer great value for gamers. We've got some great titles and our thanks go to everyone who makes the work of the games industry's charity possible.

"The games packs will help do a great deal of good and reflect well on a vibrant and growing entertainment industry."

The ESC is hoping to raise up to £1 million pounds from the sale of games packs in 2004. Further packs are scheduled on other gaming systems for later this year.

Midnight Club - Playstation 2 - PEGI 12+

Rockstar Games presents the ground breaking launch title for the Playstation®2 that introduced open city racing to next generation consoles.

In secret gatherings around the world a mysterious group of urban street racers known as the Midnight Club race for pride, power and glory in sleekly customised, tricked-out sports cars.

Furious action in accurate models of New York and London. Race anywhere in a living city...and win the pink slips of opposing players.


Rayman® RevolutionTM

Dive into an epic 3D adventure game! Help Rayman® defeat the deep-space Robo-Pirates that have enslaved his world in Rayman Revolution . Enjoy 25 worlds of challenging fast-paced action, experience Rayman's powers - double shot, ultra-fast upward flight, rock climbing, lum radar and more! Rayman Revolution has 3 multi-player maps, (Flying simulation with Ly and Rayman, Globox football and Globox village), over 230 animated characters, stunning graphics and exclusive bonus levels.

Rayman® RevolutionTM is part of the multi-platform Rayman series that has sold over 10 million games worldwide.

Pitfall®: The Lost ExpeditionTM

It's time to swing into action as legendary explorer Pitfall Harry in Activision's Pitfall®: The Lost ExpeditionTM, the latest instalment in the company's flagship Pitfall® franchise. Gamers will use Harry's wit, athleticism and a knapsack of adventure gear to conquer evil foes in more than 40 obstacle-filled levels set in the lush jungles, dark caverns, and ancient Incan ruins of the South American jungle.

Supporters of the ESC 04 pack are Rockstar Games, Ubisoft, Activision, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Centresoft, The Producers and Fink Creative. Games companies across Europe regularly support ESC initiatives.

There will be a substantial PR and Marketing campaign to support the release of ESC 04, including full page advertising in key specialist and consumer magazines.

The ESC recently made grants of £277,000 to help seven schools achieve 'Specialist Schools' status. The ESC also runs a number of new initiatives each year to raise money for youth charities in the UK. Covering education, health and personal development the charity is dedicated to helping young people achieve a brighter future.

About the ESC:

Founded in 2000, the entertainment software charity was created to use the popularity of gaming to help give back to those less fortunate. The not-for-profit charity was established by prominent members of the gaming community to create a dedicated initiative programme to advance young people through play, training and education.

The entertainment software charity works with hardware vendors, developers, software publishers, magazine publishers, retailers, distributors and logistics providers, all of whom give their time, input, resources and intellectual properties to help support charities committed to improving the future of young people. The charity is also committed to providing funding for individual schools across the UK in association with the Government's Specialist Schools and Academies initiatives.

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