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Berzerk Ball

Was Flash game "Homerun in Berzerk Land"; soon to be an iPhone game.

TOKYO - December 1, 2010

NTT Resonant, Japanese publisher of iOS games, and Berzerk Studio, a leading Flash games developer, issued a warning to iPhone geeks everywhere – Homerun in Berzerk Land is making its way from the most popular online Flash game portals to iPhone devices this December in the form of Berzerk Ball. Gamers have smashed the geek into Berzerk Land over 100 million times, generating over 1.5 million gameplays on Kongregate alone and millions more on over 3,500 other Flash game destinations. Updated for the iPhone, the game will come with a brand new expansion pack (code name "Berzerk Ball") featuring new items, new trophies, a sexy new character, and a shiny new look. The title will be available for the iPhone and iPod touch this December at a price of US$0.99.

For those new to Berzerk Land and geek bashing, you’ll start by choosing one of multiple characters, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses including XP, power, aim and flight control. Click the aim and strength meters at the right time to maximize the velocity at which you smash the geek into Berzerk Land, while using the gyroscope to control his flight, grab items for extra propulsion, and achieve the longest geek flight in history. Bash the heck out of the geek, earn experience points to level up your attributes, gain money to buy powerups and gear, and unlock special characters and items!

Key Features Include:

• Tap to Smash – Just tap the meter at the right time to send the geek flying, and strategically control in mid-air to send him flying even further!

• XP and Leveling – Smash the geek just right, and the further you send him into Berzerk Land the more XP and money you earn for leveling, attributes and gear.

• Flight Control – Affect the geek’s flight and get help from the denizens of Berzerk Land to smash him even further.

• Achievements – Unlock various achievements and badges to compare and share with friends.

• Game Center and Facebook – Game Center integration in the race to the score leaderboards; Facebook Connect to share your achievements with your friends.

• Feels so good… – Take out your aggression on the geek and experience the pleasure of bashing him to oblivion.

For more information about Berzerk Ball including Fact Sheet, screenshots, and the official video trailer, download a press kit by clicking here (12MB). To play the Flash version now, visit:

About NTT Resonant, Inc.

NTT Resonant is a subsidiary of NTT Communications and publisher of online content across various platforms including online and mobile. Its main offering is “goo”, a leading online web portal and content destination for Japanese audiences. Other activities include video-based e-learning and other application packages based on video communications and broadband portals. NTT Resonant was founded in 2003 and is based in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan. For more information, please visit the company’s website at For more information about “goo”, please visit:

About Berzerk Studio

Berzerk Studio is specialized in retro-style web gaming, which will remind you of the 80's games generation, an era when games were simple, addictive and most of all, unforgettable. The studio consists of young and dynamic team, saturated with talent and imagination. Its goal is to produce high quality indie games in a variety of styles to satisfy all tastes. To learn more about Berzerk, visit

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+1 (310) 587-9200

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