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Belief & Betrayal: story secrets revealed

Hamburg, Germany: June 21, 2006 - A history steeped in secrecy and countless conspiracy theories surround the Catholic Church. The plot of Belief & Betrayal has almost been as secret - until today, as the adventure experts from ANACONDA reveal a detailed story overview for the stunning adventure game.

When Jonathan Danter picks up the phone on a gray November day, he has no idea what dangerous adventures await him. The caller is a detective at Scotland Yard and notifies him that his uncle Frank has been found dead - stabbed in the back - by the London police. Jonathan always believed that his uncle had died 10 years ago

Instead of interviewing a catholic archbishop in Florida, as planned, Frank is on the next plane to London. There he is confronted with things that call his world view into question: was his uncle actually a secret operative for the Vatican? What role does the beautiful Kathrin McKendal play with whom he is forced to make a quick getaway shortly after? They stumble upon an unscrupulous secret society and a gory series of murders - is a legendary relic the answer to all questions raised in their dangerous investigation?

In Belief & Betrayal, players take over the role of Jonathan Danter, as he is drawn into a church conspiracy that reaches back through the centuries all the way to the day Judas received 30 pieces of silver for betraying Jesus. His quest takes him from New York to London, Oxford, Venice and naturally, Rome.

Belief & Betrayal, developed by Artematica, combines the thriller motives of church conspiracies and biblical secrets to form a beautiful, classic 3rd person point & click adventure game with innovative gameplay elements. It will be released worldwide by ANACONDA in the 4th quarter 2006.


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