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Disgaea 2 is coming to the UK this autumn and it's teasing you to be as bad you wanna be.

Hertfordshire, UK - Koei Ltd. today announced plans to release Disgaea 2 on PS2 this coming autumn. One of the most critically acclaimed and fondly remembered RPGs on PS2, Disgaea left gamers eagerly anticipating a sequel, and the wait is now nearly over. Loved for its wicked sense of humour, acclaimed for its tactical depth and responsible for more lost hours of sleep than an entire city of dripping taps, over sensitive car alarms and stereos on full bass, Disgaea 2 returns with more of what made the first game such a joy and adds a whole batch of cunning new tricks. The European release of Disgaea 2 on PS2 is scheduled for Autumn 2006. More information will soon be available at: About DISGAEA 2 If it's humour, depth, tactics and classic RPGing you want, then look no further than Disgaea 2. Developed by Nippon Ichi, the original Disgaea was voted by as one of the top 3 games of the year when it was released. It also won the Strategy Game of the Year award on This sequel retains all of the original game's "Do anything and try everything" heritage while also making some radical innovations. Fans of Disgaea have also been listened to with their feedback and ideas incorporated into a number of the game's new features. Disgaea's wickedly dark sense of humour has always been one of its most popular features and this has been taken to a whole new level of evil enjoyment with the new Dark Court system. Now the player is positively encouraged to be bad with the game rewarding your darkest most devious actions. But be careful, there are positive and negative results for everything you do within the game. Think you're badder than you really are and you might just get summoned to court and suffer the shame of being found innocent. As a direct response to calls from fans of the original, Disgaea 2 will now take place within a brand new 3D environment with animated sprites and anime cut scenes. Players will also be able to stack their characters on top of each other in order to combine their powers and unleash special combos and attacks. Disgaea 2 is the latest RPG spectacular from Nippon Ichi and follows in the footsteps of the hugely popular titles Makai Kingdom, Phantom Brave, La Pucelle: tactics and of course the massive original Disgaea. With a whole new cast of characters along with many of the gang fondly remembered from the first game all turning up to do battle, Disgaea 2 is already looking like being one of the RPG events of the year. About Nippon Ichi Software, Inc. Nippon Ichi Software was founded in 1994 in Gifu, Japan as an entertainment software company. Since then Nippon Ichi Software has grown into an international company focused on creating innovative video game products. About Koei Ltd. KOEI Ltd. is a subsidiary of Japanese company KOEI Co., Ltd. and has had offices in Hertfordshire, UK since 2003. KOEI maintains operations in Japan, the US, UK, Canada, China, Korea, France, Taiwan, Singapore, and Lithuania. KOEI employs over 900 people worldwide with sales exceeding $250 million. The company constantly seeks to achieve a fine balance between entertainment, technology, art and education and provides games that will mesmerize gamers globally. The KOEI logo is a registered trademark of KOEI Co., Ltd. ®2006 KOEI Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. "PlayStation" and the "PS" family logo are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. ###

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