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Beer Pong - BPONG 2009 Edition

iPhone/iPod drinking game from Dutch developer Codeglue.

San Francisco, California – October 8, 2008 – If you like beer and playing games on your iPhone, then it just keeps getting better and better! Publisher X, a global publisher of digitally downloadable games and interactive software, and CodeGlue, a Dutch game development studio that specializes in arcade games for mobile, handhelds and consoles, announced today they are teaming up to bring Beer Pong - BPONG 2009 Edition™, a game based on one of the most competitive and fastest-growing leisure sports in the country, to the Apple App Store.

“Following up the success of Beer Bounce (Quarters), it was a no-brainer we should make Beer Pong available as well,” said Doug Kennedy, co-founder of Publisher X. “These types of social beer drinking sports are highly fun and competitive - even without the drinking. This is the next best thing to sinking a few cups with your buddies. After the launch of Beer Bounce, we received a steady flow of emails from our customers asking for Beer Pong, and we have high expectations for this title.”

Beer Pong – BPONG 2009 Edition takes its name from BPONG.COM, the official governing body of the annual World Series of Beer Pong (WSOBP), the largest Beer Pong tournament in the world. Beer Pong – BPONG 2009 Edition will be using the official rules standardized by BPONG.COM and used in every WSOBP match.

For those who have been living under a rock for the past decade or so, Beer Pong (also known as “Beirut” in some localized areas) is a highly competitive drinking game that is more like a sport, typically played by students on college campuses nationwide. Although there are nearly as many rule sets as there are cheap domestic beers, the traditional game of Beer Pong (and one that follows BPONG.COM’s official rules) is played with two two-player teams taking turns throwing beer pong balls (i.e., table tennis balls) across a table in an effort to land the ball in one of ten plastic cups partially filled with beer on the opposite end of the table. When a cup is made, the opposing team removes the cup from the game, and the first team to clear all of its opponent’s cups wins and takes on the next team in line.

Beer Pong - BPONG 2009 Edition will be available for download on the Apple App Store later on in 2008, so clean off your balls and prepare your livers for punishment!

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Founded in 2000, Codeglue is a Dutch game development studio that specializes in pick-up-and-play arcade games for mobile, handheld devices, and emerging console platforms. Codeglue develops premium licensed and original home grown games with devotion towards playability, multiplayer functionality, and driving communities. Codeglue is an Xbox 360, Playstation3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and Apple iPhone/iPod touch approved developer bringing our craftsmanship to these popular platforms. For more information about Codeglue, please visit:


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