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Bee Patrol

"Violent Volcano" map introduced in new update.

For Immediate Release

Montgomery, NJ -- December 15, 2010 -- IslandJohn announces a new update for its line-drawing flight-strategy game, Bee Patrol, for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, introducing Violent Volcano, a new map for players to explore with their swarm. In this update, multi-touch is enabled for players to control multiple flight paths of their bee swarm to maximize efficiency.

In Bee Patrol, players draw individual flight paths for a swarm of Mother Nature’s hardest workers, ensuring the survival of the bee colony. Bees play an integral role in the ecosystem of flowering plants and are responsible for the continuity of the natural pollination cycle. Players must cross-pollinate flowers while collecting nectar for the hive in order to maintain the vitality of the flowers. As players progress and encounter new creatures and gameplay mechanics, they can see what it’s like to live a day in the life of the little striped stingers!

The latest update of Bee Patrol introduces new flower 'bundles', with multiple flowers densely-packed together or individually rotating, presenting an interesting new challenge for dutiful worker bees trying to get their pollen. In addition, the Queen mode now has the same score progression properties as in Worker mode, allowing players to score higher and faster than ever before!

Promo codes are available upon request for review purposes.

Bee Patrol Lite for iPhone and iPod touch is available for free on the iTunes App Store or at:

Bee Patrol for iPhone and iPod touch is available for $0.99 on the iTunes App Store or at:

Bee Patrol HD for iPad is available for $2.99 on the iTunes App Store or at:




About IslandJohn:

IslandJohn is an independent developer of apps dedicated to the mobile computing market. The studio strives to invent fun and visually appealing games, meld classic concepts to give new life to old genres, and build perpetual motion machines. Their first app, Word Quest, is a better mouse trap of word search games, available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod on the App Store.

Contact Info:

Cara Anderson

832 875 3526

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