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Beckett Massive Online Gamer

Buy issue 16, get a limited edition "Cloak of the Cold Well" to use in LotRO: Mines of Moria.

DALLAS, TX (December 1, 2008) --- Fans of the Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO) expansion, Mines of Moria, will be excited when they hear about a special promotion between Turbine and Beckett’s Massive Online Gamer (MOG) magazine. There’s an exclusive in-game item that’s now being made available to LotRO players and MOG readers. A secret access code inside the latest issue of Massive Online Gamer #16 magazine, available on newsstands beginning this week, will provide all readers with a limited edition in-game item called the “Cloak of the Cold Well.” For fans who cannot wait for the magazine to hit the newsstand, the first 1000 people to subscribe to Massive Online Gamer will receive a unique LotRO code via email that can be redeemed for the in-game item.

“We have set up a new subscription service that will allow new subscribers to get the code almost instantaneously (within 2 business days). LotRO players can either wait for the magazine to hit the newsstands or get the code now. When you subscribe, you’ll get the code as well as a great discount on our annual subscription,” said Doug Kale, editor of Massive Online Gamer.

Fans of LotRO will want to nab this exclusive Cloak of the Cold Well in-game item as quickly as possible since it is a limited edition item.

“In addition to the this special In-Game item in MOG #16, we’ve also included an exclusive Mines of Moria Resource Guide, courtesy of Turbine, that will offer players valuable tips on improving their game play. Plus, wait till you see what else in included in this issue. It’s very exciting!,” added Kale.

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