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Beat Hollywood At Its Own Game

Finally: YOU get to run the studio!

Ever wanted to run your own movie studio? Ever reckoned that you'd choose to make better films than Hollywood could come up with?

Reckon you could do it all and make a profit too?

With the eagerly-awaited Hollywood Mogul 3, it's time to put your money where your mouth is.

In this exciting strategy game, you're firmly in the hot seat of a brand new movie studio. There's money in the bank. There are scripts to be looked at. There's talent waiting to be hired. And the rest is up to you. Really.

It's up to you to choose which films to make, with which stars, and with which director. It's you who'll decide how much advertising money to put in, when a film will be released, and which stars to tie to production deals. And it's you who'll need to keep the talent happy, to choose which sequels to make, and to work out which how much to spend on those oh-so-vital special effects.

And that's just with one film.

As a true Hollywood Mogul, you'll be attempting to balance the books and pick up a couple of awards, while managing a slate of films in various states of production. What's more, you're not alone. If you don't sign up the big star for your summer blockbuster, there are a whole host of computer-controlled opponents who won't blink behind signing them up.

In development for over three years, and tested and supported by a vibrant online community, Hollywood Mogul 3 is the game that budding movie entrepreneurs have been waiting for. No other game offers so much control over the running of a movie studio, and no other game gives you a real chance to beat Hollywood at its own game.

Are you up to the job? It'll only cost you around £15 to find out


Hollywood Mogul 3 is available for review. To request a copy, please contact simon@hollywoodmogul.co.uk. A demo version is also available for covermounting and download.

The game is available to download and buy at www.hollywoodmogul.co.uk for US$29.99 (around £15). You'll also find talent files and more information on the game at the same address too.

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