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Beastie Burgers

Flash-based cooking game from Sheffield, playable online for free.

Beastie Burgers, a free online Flash game, was released 30/10/09 by independent game developers Robot / Lizard Productions who are based in Sheffield, UK. You can play it here for free: http://www.robotlizard.com/games/beastieburgers/.

Beastie burgers is a time management / cooking frenzy style game where you play the role of Raoul, a dog boy trying to make his way through the prestigious locations of Monsterville to become the best burger chef the town has ever seen. The game is beautifully styled and has a quirky sense of humour, making it an interesting and enjoyable twist on the genre.

Ever since Raoul was a pup, he loved cooking. He’d spend hours making hamburgers with his Grandma in her kitchen. Being very poor Raoul often needed to be creative with his ingredient choices but he always made the tastiest burgers. He tried for a job at the best burger restaurant in town, but they wouldn’t even let him through the door. When his Grandma is killed in a terrible accident, she leaves all her underworldly possessions to Raoul so he can follow his dream of becoming Monsterville’s greatest burger chef. Raoul buys a burger van and sets himself up in business to prove to the underworld he can make it on his own.

Robot / Lizard Productions is a trading name of Team Cooper Ltd, an independent Flash game development studio who build games and social media applications for their own (and their players) amusement.

Note to Editors: For further info & images email hello@teamcooper.co.uk or call Tim on +44 (0) 1142 866 230. For more info about Robot / Lizard Productions please visit http://www.robotlizard.com or for Team Cooper visit http://www.teamcooper.co.uk/

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