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Beach Volleyball Online

Open beta launches this Thursday.

Portsmouth, NH - Omniverse Games has announced that Beach Volleyball Online will begin its Open Beta testing phase on June 24th. This free to play sports MMO offers something for all types of gamers – from hardcore Beach Volleyball fans seeking the intense competition and tactics of real beach volleyball to more casual gamers interested in exploration and community. Players can customize their avatars in thousands of ways while developing friendships in a diverse community of players from around the world.

The Open Beta version of Beach Volleyball Online has been optimized for speed, and incorporates many suggestions received from players during the recent Closed Beta test. “We love hearing from our fans. We take their suggestions very seriously, and try to act on them as often as possible” says Omniverse Games CEO Jonathan Seidenfeld. In addition to gameplay enhancements, the Open Beta client will also see the debut of a gigantic beach shop featuring over 600 items of beach fashion and accessories. The game’s advanced artificial intelligence and the outstanding in-game graphics combine to create a sense of immersion and realism not often encountered among free to play online games.

Beach Volleyball Online is one of the few true sports MMOs available today. It features a large persistent world that allows for character development – players can improve their skills and increase attributes by gaining experience both on and off the volleyball court. Beach Volleyball Online also incorporates many elements of traditional MMO gameplay such as classes, crafting, level progression, and the ability to gain new skills. It successfully combines the action, playability, and precision of console games with the character development, exploration, and community aspects usually associated with MMOs.

The game’s developer, Radiance Digital Entertainment, has a history working in the console sports area, including CEO Monte Singman, who was a lead programmer for the original John Madden Football published by Electronic Arts. Radiance also has a deep knowledge of Asian MMOs, and by combining these two strengths were able to create Beach Volleyball Online, which has been over three years in development.

For further information about Beach Volleyball Online including screenshots, videos, tutorials, forums, and downloads, please visit the official Beach Volleyball Online website at

About Omniverse Games

Omniverse Games is a publisher of unique high quality online games specializing in the free-to-play with microtransaction business model. With offices in both Shanghai and Portsmouth, NH in the United States, Omniverse bridges the gap between East and West, and brings superior digital entertainment from Asia into Western markets. For more information about any of our games please visit the Omniverse Games website at

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