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<b>E3 2004:</b> Kuju Advances with new GameCube combat title

Nintendo has finally revealed what it's been working on with British developer Kuju Plc - and as we speculated a few months ago, it is indeed a GameCube title in the hugely popular Advance Wars franchise.

Announced at E3 in Los Angeles this week, Advance Wars: Under Fire translates the turn-based strategy gameplay of the original GBA titles to a fully 3D action game, where you control a squad of soldiers - and have tactical command over many others.

The game takes many elements from Advance Wars' setting, including some of the types of units which can be used in the game and their relative effectiveness against different opponents.

The game is not set to launch until 2005, and details of the title are thin on the ground so far; however, the news that the company has been entrusted with such a valuable IP by Nintendo is bound to come as a major boost to Kuju, which also recently signed development contracts with Activision and Konami.

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