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Happy Tree Friends® - Coming Soon To Videogames...

June 20th. San Francisco, CA. Cuddles, Giggles, Lumpy, Flippy, Nutty, Petunia and the rest of the gang from the global cult hit Happy Tree Friends® will soon be appearing on a games console near you, thanks to a new agreement between Mondo Media, Signatures Network, Inc. and Flashman Studios.

Flashman Studios is now actively seeking publishers interested in bringing the unbelievably cute and delightfully ultra-violent brand to videogames and other areas of interactive entertainment. Flashman is working with Signatures Network, the master rights holder for Happy Tree Friends®, to represent the brand worldwide within the interactive entertainment market.

Since it was created in 2000 as a series of animated shorts available on the Internet, Happy Tree Friends® has grown into a global phenomenon, spawning everything from DVDs and toys through to apparel, bedding, stationary and accessories. Online episodes of the show attract over 15 million views per month. Viewers around the world can also enjoy the adventures on G4, the 24/7 videogames network in the USA and through MTV International, which reaches over 350 million homes throughout Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Happy Tree Friends® has recently made the leap to mobile phones, with downloadable games, wallpapers and ringtones now available to phone owners internationally.

Happy Tree Friends® features the sweetest, cutest and most accident-prone bunch of forest critters you're ever likely to come across. Who'd ever have thought a playground, making cookies, or a simple tea party could be so dangerous? The results are inevitably messy, gross and incredibly funny.

John Evershed, the CEO of Mondo Media, said, "Happy Tree Friends® is one of the few entertainment licenses that has a truly global appeal. It's very visual, requiring little or no dialog and the outrageous humor is universal. We're looking forward to seeing what new unfortunate situations the Happy Tree Friends® find themselves in when they reach their first video game."

Matt Hautau, the Vice President of Licensing and Marketing for Signatures Network, said, "To date there are over 25 licensees worldwide, working with the Happy Tree Friends® brand. It is an exciting property to be able to offer to the videogames market and we're very pleased to be working with Flashman Studios to bring Happy Tree Friends® to the interactive entertainment world."

"We're very excited to be working with Mondo Media and Signatures to bring Happy Tree Friends® to the videogames market," said, Brad Young, the Chief Executive Officer of Flashman Studios. "It's an almost perfect brand for videogames. The simple, cute and hugely appealing graphical style, combined with the very dark, clever humor and the cartoon violence provides a wonderful opportunity for the videogames market to tap into a huge global fan base."

Publishers interested in finding out more about Happy Tree Friends® can e-mail Brad Young at Flashman Studios: or call: +1 415-826-7654.

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About Mondo Media

Mondo Media is an award-winning production studio with an established 15-year track record. Mondo Media's expertise is animated entertainment targeted at teens and young adults for the Internet, broadcast, television, mobile devices and games. The company's revenue sources include online advertising, DVD and merchandise sales, wireless and television licensing. With a growing library of original shows, the company is focused on reaching its core audience using the new media and technologies that teens and young adults turn to for their entertainment. For more information, visit:

About Signatures Network, Inc.

Signatures Network is the music industry's premier entertainment licensing and merchandising company, holding the worldwide merchandising and marketing rights to more than 125 top music artists and entertainment properties including: Happy Tree Friends®, Madonna's The English Roses, The Beatles/Yellow Submarine, KISS, and Ozzy Osbourne. For more information please visit:

About Flashman Studios

Flashman is a full services agency providing a complete range of services for clients within the interactive entertainment industry. The company works with clients on a long-term basis, handling services including planning and corporate strategy, financial services, sales, marketing, branding, business development, negotiation, mergers and acquisitions. Flashman Studios already works with a number of the interactive industry's most innovative and exciting companies. Online:


Mondo Media

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Marketing Director

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Signatures Network, Inc.

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Vice President, Licensing & Marketing

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