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BCMA to host European conference on advertising in games

The Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA) has announced that it is to host the first "Advergaming" event in Europe later this month, with a conference on July 20th in London set to tackle the question of "Advertising Through Games".

The event, being held at The Century Club in Shaftesbury Avenue, will be attended by BCMA members and key executives from the advertising and entertainment industries, and will focus on a panel of experts in the field, drawn from both the games and advertising sectors.

Among the topics under discussion will be the potential of advertising in games, the impact that videogames are having on the consumption of other media, and how different industries can use games effectively for advertising purposes.

More information about the conference can be obtained by contacting Alison Knight at the BCMA on +44 (0)20 7631 4011 or [].

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