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PS3 accounts for 10% of iPlayer viewing

User response is "amazing" after one week, says BBC

Since Sony integrated full BBC iPlayer support into the PlayStation 3 as part of its v3.00 firmware update, the console has become the second most popular platform for iPlayer viewing.

The BBC has confirmed the PlayStation 3 is accounting for 10 per cent of viewing, overtaking Mac (with 8.5 per cent) to become the second most used platform after PC.

"User response to our new iPlayer for PS3 has been amazing," commented Anthony Rose, controller of the BBC's online media group and vision in a statement posted to the BBC blog.

"Although it's less than a week since we launched, iPlayer on PS3 now accounts for a massive 10 per cent of all iPlayer viewing, overtaking Mac to be our second most popular platform for IP-delivered content.

"We'll have to wait and see whether this holds up in the coming weeks, but this enthusiastic reception makes it clear that users do want iPlayer on their TV - something that bodes well for Canvas and other IPTV propositions."

Sony has done a "great job", added Rose, of enhancing the PlayStation 3's Flash playback experience to allow full screen viewing at a frame rate of 25fps. The firmware update also added the iPlayer icon to the console's XMB, allowing one-click access to the service.

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