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BBC content arrives in US PlayStation Store

Top Gear now available; Doctor Who and Being Human set for December

Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced that BBC content is now available on the PlayStation Store in the US, starting with local version of Top Gear. That will be followed in December by episodes from Doctor Who and Being Human.

Episodes will be priced at $1.99 for standard definition or $2.99 for HD, although for a two-week period the first episode of Top Gear will be available for free.

Meanwhile the company has also announced a series of Black Friday bundles for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable at various retailers.

Each bundle is retailer-specific, and includes the console and at least one game, with PS3 160GB packs priced at either $299 or $399 and PSP-specific packs at $130 (for the PSP-3000) and $150 (for the PSPgo).

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