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Bazix Launch - English Counterpart of Popular Japanese Retro Gaming Platform

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Groningen, the Netherlands, October 10th 2006

Today, Bazix launched the online game distribution platform, the English counterpart of D4 Enterprise's popular Japanese retro entertainment network 'Amusement Center'. Focusing on gameplay, quality and fun factor, offers a unique and growing mix of some of the best games released in gaming history at affordable prices. These games, which were originally released on retro computers and consoles, can now be played on ordinary Windows PCs. Being the representative of MSX Association, Bazix has already acquired the licenses to support the MSX computer system. All Japanese games and their manuals have been translated to English, bringing gaming fanatics a selection of classic computer games previously unreleased outside Japan.

"Most of these games are so good that many people have been playing the Japanese versions", says Rieks Warendorp Torringa, in charge of localizations at Bazix, "Now, these games and their manuals are finally available in English, revealing their often exciting stories and useful game hints". Bazix also licenses and localizes English games available in to D4 Enterprise, for distribution through WOOMB's Japanese counterpart Amusement Center.

At Amusement Center, the Japanese counterpart of, hundreds of games are already available, attracting thousands of subscribers and customers. The software catalog available on Amusement Center will gradually be added to as well. At its start, already offers several titles licensed from D4 Enterprise, such as Aleste (Power Strike), the Golvellius and Hydlide series, Laydock and Zanac. "Many Japanese software producers like Compile, Microcabin and T&E Soft are enthusiastic about the network and have already joined in", says Bart Schouten of Bazix, "Our goal is to add a large selection of classic games from Europe and the USA to and Amusement Center as well."

-- Background information:

About Bazix:

Bazix is a Dutch partnership that specializes in the distribution and localization of software created for various computer platforms and consoles of the 80s and 90s. In addition, Bazix is preoccupied with the legal distribution of the System ROMs and emulators that are needed to run this software on modern Operating Systems.

About D4 Enterprise:

D4E is a Japanese company involved in the production, publication and distribution of retro entertainment content. D4E distributes over 400 retro games through its Amusement Center platform. Recently, D4 Enterprise was involved in the launch of the games section in 'i-revo', a network similar to and Amusement Center which offers classic Konami games against a monthly subscription. Nintendo announced D4E to be one of the partners to bring game contents to the Nintendo Wii in its virtual console.

For the press, review accounts for are available. Please contact Bazix for more information. A press kit with the WOOMB logo and several in-game pictures is available at

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