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Bayonetta bosses Japanese software chart

SEGA title takes number one spot; next-gen platforms shift 200,000 units combined

SEGA's Bayonetta title has taken the software chart in Japan by storm, taking the number one and number seven spots in its first week on sale, according to the latest data from Media Create.

First place went to the PlayStation 3 edition of the game, which sold just over 135,000 units, while the Xbox 360 version clocked up almost 65,000 units in the same time frame - a very strong performance for the Microsoft platform, relative to installed base.

Meanwhile a host of other new entries saw some rejuvenation in the region, with Final Fantasy Gaiden: 4 Warriors of Light from Square Enix taking second place on 114,000 units and Tekken 6 entering in third, selling 103,000.

Other new entries included Persona 3 Portable in fourth and Super Robot Taisen NEO in tenth place.

Meanwhile Pokemon Heartgold/Soulsilver is on course to break the 3 million barrier in the next couple of weeks, while Wii Fit Plus should pass 1 million in a similar time frame.

The full top ten is as follows:

  • 1. Bayonetta (SEGA): 135,242
  • 2. Final Fantasy Gaiden: 4 Warriors of Light (Square Enix): 114,714
  • 3. Tekken 6 (Namco Bandai): 103,105
  • 4. Persona 3 Portable (Atlus): 94,287
  • 5. Pokemon Heartgold/Soulsilver (Pokemon Co): 87,594
  • 6. Wii Fit Plus (Nintendo): 81,427
  • 7. Bayonetta (SEGA): 64,325
  • 8. Tomodachi Collection (Nintendo): 53,159
  • 9. Inazuma Eleven 2: Threat of the Invaders (Level 5): 41,437
  • 10. Super Robot Taisen NEO (Namco Bandai): 26,559