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Battleswarm: Field of Honor

Item giveaway and tournament to be staged this weekend.


SEATTLE, WA – October 22, 2009 – Battleswarm™: Field of Honor™, the free to play multiplayer online FPS vs. RTS published by Reality Gap, Inc., will be holding a contest challenging all players to win on both Bug and Human sides of five maps – “Arena,” “Hive Core,” “Jungle Battle,” “Ruins,” and “Urban Battle.” Winning players will be awarded three days usage of a premium item, such as “The Universal Rifle” (attached). In addition, all players who log in this weekend, October 24th – 25th, will receive free items in their email boxes including the “Gauss Gun,” “Plasma Rifle,” “Sabot Rifle,” “Sabot Machinegun,” “Acid Beetle,” “Viper Beetle,” “Scorpion,” and “Rhino Beetle.” Finally, there will be a “Guild Crusade” tournament in which any guild able to claim the most wins on a given map will “own” that map and be able to collect 10% of all the gold earned on that map during the following week.

Developed by Gameworld Tech Co, LTD, Battleswarm pits first-person shooters (FPS) against real-time strategy (RTS) players in a single genre-busting online PC game. Players can either engage in tactical, first-person combat as a Human soldier or command hundreds of alien bugs as the Bug Commander. Human players attempt to use superior firepower and team-based tactics to outsmart the Bug players, who are playing the game as a real time strategy game.

Interested players can download Battleswarm and learn more about the game at http://www.battleswarm.net/playnow.

Reality Gap, Inc. http://www.realitygap.com ) was founded in June 2007, by Michael A. Williams, J. Mark Hood, and Nolan Bushnell. Reality Gap is the publisher of Monato Esprit TM , a massively multiplayer online role-playing game; Battleswarm TM : Field of Honor TM , a genre-busting FPS vs. RTS online game; and the developer of MetaTIX, the universal virtual currency system. The company is based in Seattle, Washington.


Reality Gap, Inc., Battleswarm: Field of Honor, Monato Esprit, and MetaTIX are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Reality Gap, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

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