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New website offers the chance to play sports games against real sports-men and -ladies.

A new video game community site launched today - with a twist. is a Web destination hosted by professional athletes that love video games and the competition that goes with it. Video gamers can join the site for free and take part in a variety of contests and tournaments to win a chance to battle a pro online. Members can also sign-up to receive Twitter alerts when the pros are heading to Xbox Live, PlayStation Network or a PC gaming community looking for playing partners. The site will also offer the best trash-talking videos the Web has to offer. Pros and members alike will be challenged to show off their smack-talking skills, with the most creative videos featured on the main page of the site.

News Facts

BattlePros is the first known site that brings together professional athletes and video gamers for ongoing battles online. Battles will take part on a weekly basis, providing video gamers with nearly endless opportunities to match wits with the pros. The BattlePros Blog will feature game reviews, tips and tricks, and gaming anecdotes from the pros. The site will host an ongoing monthly contest to find the Web's best trash talkers. JJ Stokes, former NFL receiver and current radio and television broadcaster is the site's video host. JJ learned a thing or two about trash-talking during his nine years in the league and wants the fans to bring their "A" game. Other pro hosts on the site include: Manny Lawson, linebacker with the San Francisco 49ers; Thomas DeCoud, safety with the Atlanta Falcons; and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters Dan Molina and Kristin Barbie Molina. New pros will be joining shortly from a range of professional leagues, such as Major League Baseball, the NBA, the NHL, Major League Soccer and a variety of Xtreme sports. Fans can follow the athletes on Twitter ( and receive tweets when they're heading online looking for random battle partners. The site is geared for online gamers looking for new friends to team up with or battle online for the hottest games, including: sports games such as Madden 10 and NBA Live; action strategy games like Halo 3 and Call of Duty: World at War; and music simulation games including Rock Band and Guitar Hero. The site's member search function and live chat capabilities make it easy for gamers to find playing partners of all skill levels. BattlePros allows members to create profiles with their own photos, videos and blog posts; form groups; take part in forum discussions; and download dozens of free games and other cool applications for their personal page.


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It's no secret that lots of pro athletes play video games in their free time. The pros on our site are passionate about gaming and they want to share their love of video games with the fans. provides access to pro athletes like never before. Fans will battle live with the pros, chat it up on their headsets and even take their best trash-talking shot at a group that's practically heard it all.

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For all you gamers and trash talkers out there, bring your A game. Every month we'll be reviewing the best of the best.

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I'm a big fan of video games and there's nothing like coming home from a hard day of training and sitting down with my best friend Xbox.

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Dean Fisk, Founder

(707) 292-4201

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Started by a gamer, father of three boys and avid sports fan, brings together the athletes' love for video games, the fans' desire to be closer to their heroes and the burgeoning social media market that offers an experience like no other.

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