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Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Players challenged to collectively unlock new Operation Hastings map.

DICE, the award-winning developer behind the digital expansion pack Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam, is sweetening the pot with the release of a fifth map called Operation Hastings. This map was first made famous in the classic PC game Battlefield: Vietnam. Once players in the Xbox 360, PC and PS3 community each collectively amass 69 million team actions, the map will be unlocked for all to enjoy. So what’s a team action? Well, it’s any/all of these: resupply, revive, heal, spot, and repair. Team actions performed both in the main game and the digital expansion count towards the common goal.

Starting Dec 21, players worldwide will come together to unlock Operation Hastings and celebrate their victory by dominating as either a U.S. Marine or as a member of the North Vietnamese Army (NVA). In Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam, varied, hostile terrain is brought to life via the award-winning Frostbite engine and will test even the most advanced player across four popular game modes (Conquest, Rush, Squad Rush and Squad Deathmatch). The game features all new weapons, vehicles, achievements and trophies so there is no reason not to enjoy this stellar digital expansion pack, now with five maps.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam will be available on Dec 18 on PC at the EA Store and Steam and Dec 21 on Xbox Live and Playstation Network £9.99 or 1200MS points. For more information about Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam please visit

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