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Battlefield 2 headed to PSP; DICE working on new PC FPS

Swedish developer DICE has revealed that a version of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is in progress for the PlayStation Portable at EA's UK Studio, while work has commenced on a brand new FPS title at the firm's Canadian offices.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is the first time that the multiplayer warfare series has made its way to consoles, and versions for PS2 and Xbox are being developed jointly by DICE in Sweden and EA UK's studio in Warrington, with DICE handling the multiplayer game and EA Warrington creating the new singleplayer modes.

The PlayStation Portable version, however, has been farmed out entirely to Electronic Arts, and will be worked on by a team at EA UK. A version of the game is also in the works for the Xbox 360 platform.

DICE has also confirmed that its Canadian studio, based in Ontario, has started work on a new FPS game, which will unsurprisingly be published by Electronic Arts - the company's majority shareholder.

No solid information about the new game has been announced, except that it's based on a Digital Illusions owned brand, it's a PC title, and it'll appear in autumn 2005 - which tends to suggest that it could make an appearance at E3 next month.

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