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Battlefield 2 drives strong Q2 results for DICE

Digital Illusions CE has announced its financial results for the second quarter and first half of 2005, revealing that strong sales of new PC title Battlefield 2 helped to drive a major rise in revenues in the second quarter.

The firm, in which publisher Electronic Arts has a majority shareholding, reported revenues of SEK 66.4m (7.1 million Euro) for the June quarter, up 29 per cent on the same period last year.

Profit after financial items came to SEK 26.4 million (2.8 millioon Euro), up massively from the SEK 8.9 million (957,000 Euro) figure recorded in the same quarter last year.

Much of the success in this quarter can be attributed to sales of Battlefield 2, with the PC exclusive title selling some 1.13 million units worldwide at its launch at the end of June, and contributing to 6.2 million in overall sales for the franchise to date.

However, for the first half as a whole, the company's revenues are down from last year's figures - falling to SEK 102.6 million (11 million Euro) from SEK 118.2 million (12.7 million Euro) last year, with profit for the half year down to SEK 20.1 million (2.2 million Euro) from SEK 37.8 million (4 million Euro).

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