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BattleBorne Entertainment Announces Development of Second Game 6GUN

Exclusive 6GUN Preview at GDC 2005

RENO, Nev., Feb. 22, 2005: BattleBorneTM Entertainment, Inc. today announced the development of the studio's second game 6GUN (working title). 6GUN is a third person modern tactical-action game being designed for the Sony® (NYSE:SNE) PlayStation2 and Microsoft® (Nasdaq:MSFT) Xbox and PC platforms. To view 6GUN in game screen shots, concept art and characters, visit

About BattleBorne's 6GUN:

6GUN is a third person, tactical-action, modern combat game. In 6GUN you are the leader of an assault team in the highly classified GUNSLINGER program operated by the Special Operations Command (SOCOM). When diplomacy fails, and the US government needs a "deniable" military solution to its problems abroad, they call on the GUNSLINGERS.

The GUNSLINGER record of successful missions was recently shattered with a failed operation, and political pressures have relegated them to the second string of Special Operations while better known groups are assigned the best missions. GUNSLINGER Assault Team 2 is assigned a new leader (the player) and given equipment and personnel recovery missions in South America. In the course of the mission in the jungles of South America, the GUNSLINGERS discover surprisingly detailed information about Typhoon Class Ballistic Missile Submarines and the Soviet Northern Fleet in the possession of an international arms trafficker. Soon after, a Typhoon in the port of Primorsk for disarmament is attacked and boarded. A SOCOM operation to retake the sub ends in the detonation of a nuclear device and loss of an entire SEAL team, leaving the world in shock, and SOCOM in chaos.

As a result, the GUNSLINGERS are thrust back onto the center stage in the world of clandestine operations and begin to hunt those responsible for the attack in Primorsk. The hunt will take the player through 4 campaigns and at least 12 different levels, giving the avid gamer hours and hours of exciting combat gameplay! Gameplay will range from small unit combat, to close quarters battle (CQB), hostage rescue, demolitions, sniping from a helicopter gunship, High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) parachute insertions, and take the GUNSLINGERS around the world. 6GUN will be released on the PC, Xbox and PS2 in 2006.

Sneak Peek screen shots and 6GUN concept art can be found at

6GUN will be shown to publishers at scheduled meetings during GDC 2005; to schedule a meeting please contact Lael Rose directly.

About BattleBorne's Combat EliteTM: WWII Paratroopers:

BattleBorne's first title BattleBorne's Combat Elite: WWII Paratroopers has been unavoidably delayed due to the demise of Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. (Pink Sheets:AKLMQ). The newly enhanced Combat Elite game will be released in 2005; details of the game's commercial release to follow soon.

-- Go behind enemy lines with the military's most elite forces -- paratroopers -- as they wage battles throughout the European theater of World War II, including D-Day, Operation Market Garden and the bitter winter defense of Bastogne. With over 50 authentic WW II missions and weapons, co-operative two-player gameplay and visually stunning environments, BattleBorne's Combat Elite: World War II Paratroopers enlists gamers to undertake history's most dangerous missions.


  • Over 45 varied and immersive missions that recreate the toughest battles of WWII, including D-Day, Operation Market Garden and the Battle of the Bulge.
  • Two player same screen co-operative game play.
  • Rise through the ranks -- earn promotions that allow you to customize your soldier with new skills and abilities.
  • Instantly accessible controls keep your mind on the game play, not the gamepad.
  • Incredible assortment of historically accurate weapons and equipment.
  • Built with the award winning Snowblind Studios engine.

About BattleBorneTM Entertainment, Inc.

BattleBorne Entertainment, Inc. is a leading multimedia design group nestled in the mountainous Reno/Lake Tahoe region of Nevada. Formalized in 2002, BattleBorne Entertainment, Inc. is named after the Nevada State motto -- "Battle Born." BattleBorne represents the collective efforts of a cutting-edge 3D design and animation studio, a graphic arts and design studio, nationally recognized software designers and programmers, and an international investment banking and consulting group.

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