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Battle of Kingdoms

MMOG inspired by Warcraft 3's "DOTA Chaos" map.

Funmily officially announce the publishing rights of BATTLE OF KINGDOMS. A MMOG developed by MOBICLE from Korea. BATTLE OF KINGDOMS development team was once involved in a popular Warcraft 3 custom map known as DOTA Chaos. DOTA Chaos is one of the popular custom map which is only available in Korean language hence very developing a few language barrier for players around the world to experience this classic map.

MOBICLE mentioned that BATTLE OF KINGDOMS inherited the unique customization of DOTA Chaos. The Tower Spirits (White Tiger, Fiery Phoenix), an Aide to assist you from the start of the game and teleport skill are all the unique characteristic of DOTA Chaos and features not available in DOTA. With experience in DOTA Chaos, without the necessity of Warcraft, with updates and patches releasing frequently to balance the game, BATTLE OF KINGDOMS is a perfection of DOTA Chaos. Furthermore, with the implementation of more advance system not available in DOTA Chaos, it strongly enhances the game play and objectives to battle it out. MOBICLE believes that BATTLE OF KINGDOMS can be easily picked up by amateurs and provide a unique experience to the players. The current version of BATTLE OF KINGDOMS story plots around China and other Asian region. In future, more Europe heroes will be implemented, providing players a wider variety of choices and playing style.

Funmily have a high expectation on BATTLE OF KINGDOMS and upon signing the contract with MOBICLE, Run Up Game had invited many experienced DOTA Allstars players from South East Asia, players from Dynasty Warriors and also players from Nobunaga's Ambition to participate in the ALPHA development stage, providing various suggestions to improve the game balance, community bonding and also the game satisfaction. Run Up Game also believes that such simple playing style MMOG will have a strong opportunity to be the next wave of popular MMOG hence providing a dual language system and implement BATTLE OF KINGDOMS with latest gaming platform known as FUNMILY, allowing players of different languages to experience this one of a kind competitive MMOG.

BATTLE OF KINGDOMS official website is now LIVE. More information regarding BATTLE OF KINGDOMS will be slowly released. Players can visit the official website for future updates of BATTLE OF KINGDOMS.



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