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Battle of Britain: 303 Squadron

Online Flash game honors 34 Polish fighter pilots who between them downed 136 enemy crates.


Tomorrow, Tuesday 29th June 2010, sees the launch of Battle of Britain: 303 Squadron, a dramatic new online flash game re-creating a turning point in the Battle of Britain when a single squadron of 34 Polish fighter pilots wreaked havoc on the Luftwaffe, helping change the course of history. The game is a Channel 4 Education commission created by Fish in a Bottle, one of the UK’s leading creative digital agencies.

This single and multi-player game will put the player in the pilot seat of a Hurricane plane and become part of 303 Squadron, flying in the war torn skies over England. Structured around the airmen’s diary entries, each mission will explore the story of these courageous men, from the 303’s formation, their training, victories and defeats, to the major influence they had on the outcome of the war and their ultimate betrayal by the Allies.

Players will take the role of key members of the 303 Squadron, experiencing first hand the high-pressure life of an RAF pilot. Using a combination of stunning archive and documentary footage, photography, 3D rendering and animation, the game puts the player in charge of their own plane as they play through a series of challenging missions on their own or as part of a team.

The single player option engages with the player on an emotional level, allowing them to experience the highs and lows of flying head to head with the enemy aircraft.

In multiplayer mode, the player will join forces with up to three other pilots to fly a variety of pre-scripted missions from various points in the war. Players will have the option of inviting their friends to join them or they can simply jump straight into a mission with a group of other random players. As a squadron member, players will also have the opportunity to fly a variety of planes from the Spitfire to the Mustang.

By the time the Battle of Britain was won, 303 Squadron had shot down 136 enemy planes, making them the highest scoring RAF squadron. At the end of each mission players will be shown their scores to see which pilot achieved the most kills. This high-octane game will challenge even the most battle hardy player as they engage in one of the most dangerous chapters of World War II.

Comm. Ed: Matt Locke

Prod. Co: Fish in a Bottle

Producer/Game Designer: Drew Wilkins

Press contact: Rebecca Ladbury / 07941 224975 / rebecca@ladburypr.com

Notes to Editors

The Battle of Britain: 303 Squadron is a flash game commissioned by Channel 4 Education for the Bloody Foreigners season to be broadcast in June 2010. The historical content was provided by one of the worlds leading factual production companies Darlow Smithson Productions.

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