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Battle Dex

Collectible card strategy game to host $100,000 tournament.


Austin, TX - November 15, 2010 - Bandera Games officially announced today that Battle Dex, a new turn-based strategy game featuring collectible cards, will be hosting a $100,000 pro-circuit following the November 7th public release of the game. Top players from each gameplay mode, including free for all, teams, one versus one and others will be eligible to win a total of $100,000; the World Champion walks home with $30,000 cash. This competitive prize pool is unprecedented in the indie game arena.

The unique strategy-oriented gameplay employs an arsenal of collectible cards that allows players to modify their units during battle. The units are commanded across a hex-based game board in a game that plays like Nintendo's Advance Wars but with a card mechanic similar to Magic: The Gathering. The game is also easily taken to by Starcraft players who enjoy the ability to build and command units across large maps with varied terrain in a game that rewards strategic thinking.

Since its launch just one week ago, Battle Dex has already seen thousands of registered users.

"The game is addicting; And in terms of content, there are so many gameplay modes and card combinations, it's impossible to get bored." says David Bernat, Lead Designer of Battle Dex, "From training missions, to 1v1, teams, and free for all- Battle Dex has something for every gamer. Ultimately, we've built this game and are hosting the $100,000 tournament for the community- those gamers that enjoy a truly unique strategy gaming experience."

Getting started in Battle Dex is easy: simply download, create an account, and jump into the action. Players level up by competing in ranked matches and tournaments, gaining experience points in battle, and earning awards for completed challenges. With its small file size and low system requirements, Battle Dex runs on virtually any PC with DirectX 9.0c or higher.

To find out more about Battle Dex or to register for an account, visit http://www.battledexgame.com/

About Bandera Games

Bandera Games is an Austin, TX-based game development studio founded by veterans of such companies as NCsoft, Realm Interactive, and Vigil Games. Formed in 2008, Bandera Games focuses on developing innovative, free-to-play games with microtransaction-driven business models. For more information, visit www.BattleDexGame.com.

Contact: Pierre Tapia

E-Mail:  pierre@banderagames.com

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