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Battle Dawn

Major update for the browser turn-based game.

TEL-AVIV, Israel – July 7, 2010 – Tacticsoft Ltd., a publisher and developer of free-to-play browser-based online games, today announced that its flagship title, Battle Dawn, has received a major update. The update adds new features that the community has been asking for, ranging from new ways to analyze statistics after a battle, to new music and design features. Battle Dawn is one of the longest running Flash, browser-based free-to-play titles, having launched in 2006, and reaching hundreds of thousands of players worldwide.

Battle Dawn is a game of strategy, tactics, diplomacy and skill. The ultimate goal is to become the strongest leader in the world, supreme to all others. Players must learn to use diplomacy, resources and their military to aid in the quest for ultimate power. In Battle Dawn, everyone soon discovers that greatness can only be achieved through teamwork.

“We have an amazing relationship with our community and in this update we’ve managed to add some really fun features that are just going to make the game even better,” said Michal Rosen, CEO of Tacticsoft Ltd. “With more than 10,000 people playing the game every day and thousands more learning about the game each month, it’s only going to get better.”

Key new features in this update include:

Updated graphics and UI Optimization to gameplay mechanics and balancing Amazing new in-game music and soundtrack New battle calculator tool for players to test their tactics before engaging in battles

About Battle Dawn

Battle Dawn is a free-to-play massively multiplayer turn-based strategy game built entirely in Flash. It features three world types, fantasy, futuristic, and Mars and provides countless hours of entertainment for strategy fans of all ages.

Since its first release in June 2006, Battle Dawn has attracted thousands of avid strategy gamers, friends, co-workers and families who play and have fun together all over the world. Battle Dawn is designed to be playable in small blocks of free time, as it is turn-based and spans long periods of gameplay.

Anyone can be a top player by logging into the game a few times a day, just to check your status, send messages and give orders to your armies. Players enter Battle Dawn from anywhere you have an internet browser; Home, school, even work, which makes it an ideal game for anyone. Battle Dawn is available on Facebook at: and at the game’s official site at:

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NOTE to editors: In-game credits and tours are available for reviewers.


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