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Battery life a priority for US mobile phone users

Survey reveals 'quality mobile games' bottom of the list for new handset decisions

A survey released by research firm Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) suggests that quality mobile games with superior graphics are the least of the considerations for US mobile phone users.

The survey, which canvassed 6,800 adult mobile phone users in 15 countries, showed revealed just 23 percent of US respondents were concerned with the importance of superior mobile games. In other countries however, gaming was given a much higher priority. In India, 35 percent of respondents placed gaming as a priority in their purchase of a new handset, and in China the figure rose to 43 percent.

The most important considerations for US respondents, according to the survey, were battery life that would last two days of active use (73%), high resolution still and video camera (50%), compatibility with Microsoft Office applications (42%), and 20 gigabytes of memory (41%).

TNS Global Account Director Hanis Harun commented on the results, stating: "The study shows that there is an appetite among consumers for powerful new applications, particularly those around entertainment media and imaging. However, the research also indicates that consumers now fully realize that such applications require enhanced battery life and increased memory and they are demanding these improvements as a priority."

Recent industry studies have shown a substantial increase in the mobile gaming market both in India and across Asian territories, whereas the US market appears largely stagnant. The increase in 3G handsets and Smartphones is assisting developers and publishers in the creation of more sophisticated content, but it would seem the longevity of battery life and memory storage capacity should be a priority consideration for handset manufacturers if mobile phone users are to take any real interest in downloading it.

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