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Basket Dudes

Free-to-play online basketball from Fernando Piquer and Pocoyó creator David Cantolla.


After some intense months of work and development, Bitoon finally unveils the firsts images of its new project: Basket Dudes. A differente aproach to Free2Play massive multiplayer online games and a new way of seeing action sports. Basket Dudes is a free2play basketball online game. Users will have the opportunity to create their own clubs, select their teams among more than 30 players with different characteristics and styles of playing and customize their own court. Through an online community they will also be able to compete against users all over the world and to create its own private leagues.

With a model of digital distribution users can expand its teams, achieve new objects and accessories and exchange them with other players with the aim of creating the best team of the World Basketball Clubs (WBC).

The game will be open this fall, but users that want to remain informed, can do it through the official Basket Dudes page ( ) in which novelties will be offered in the next few months and where they will be the first to access to a private beta.

In addition, a Youtube channel channel has been created where you’ll find more of what Bitoon is doing (for one thing this video teaser of the game at, and you can follow our advances in facebook ( and in twitter (

Bitoon Games: new models of interactive entertaiment. is a spanish company, based in Madrid, specialised in the development of Free2pay massive multiplayer online games and virtual worlds and in the creation of new international digital content distribution models as well as alternative bussines models based in micropayments and virtual goods exchange. Currently, we are focused in the design of new products and in the creation of our own platfom for game distribution. Currently, Bitoon Games is focused in the development of it own videogames distribution platform and in the creation of our own Free2play online games.

At the head of the company are Fernando Piquer and David Cantolla. Fernando has been one of the main responsible for the starting up of international projects such as the Coca - Cola Movement from Betybyte ( or developments as Shuriken School, Wireless West, Olympia Online or Glass Coke for Zinkia Entertainment ( David Cantolla was partner-founder of Zinkia Entertainment and is creator and director of Pocoyó (, one of the most international spanish animation show, winner of very important awards such as BAFTA and the Annecy kids’ TV awards in 2006.

For more information:

Idoia Cantolla

Marketing y comunicación


Telf. (+34) 91 445 85 60

Móvil. (+34) 660 39 36 28

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