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Barf and Beer

Distinctly lowbrow Xbox 360 Community Game from Highbrow Games.

Highbrow Games, LLC., is proud to announce the release of Barf and Beer for the Xbox 360 Community Games platform. Barf and Beer’s race to finish a beer without vomiting up several lungs will keep wannabe partygoers refilling their mugs of veritable gaming goodness again and again! The ability to belch and punch your opponents to impede the downing of their respective brewskis adds a chunky element of strategy to the game.

“All that research was sure worth it!” says developer Daniel Haffner, adding that “today is a great day for beer. Actually what day ISN’T a great day for beer?”

Reactions have been mixed, ranging from “Please ritually slaughter the makers” to “This game is the best game I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (seriously, check out for a good laugh)

Barf and Beer lets you play with up to three friends or computer players.

Barf And Beer can be queued for download to your Xbox 360 by going to the following link

or by perusing the Xbox 360 Dashboard’s Community Games section.

Highbrow Games was founded in January 2009 to provide fun games to fun people!


If you’d like more information about Barf and Beer, or anything else described above, please call Daniel Haffner at 425-882-3010, or email him at

Microsoft and Xbox 360 are trademarks of Microsoft.

Attached are box art and screenshots from Barf and Beer.

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