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Barf and Beer

Could now be yours for 80 MS Points.

After selling over 2000 copies, Highbrow Games, LLC. is pleased to bring Xbox Live Indie Game Barf and Beer to the masses at the massively-affordable price point of 80 MS Points! No longer must virtual beer guzzlers endure fiscal scolding from prudish housemates and significant others for investing in a fun-filled evening of Barf and Beer. Anyone can now enjoy the satisfaction of punching their friends in the gut and watching them hurl.

Barf and Beer lets you play with up to three friends or computer players. It also makes you feel better.

Barf And Beer can be queued for download to your Xbox 360 by going to the following link

or by perusing the Xbox 360 Dashboard’s Indie Games section.

Highbrow Games was founded in January 2009 to provide fun games to fun people!


If you’d like more information about Barf and Beer, or anything else described above, please call Daniel Haffner at 425-882-3010, or email him at

Microsoft and Xbox 360 are trademarks of Microsoft

Attached are box art and screenshots from Barf and Beer.

Highbrow Games, LLC.

Contact: Daniel Haffner

Tel. 425-882-3010


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