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Baobab Planet

Parent-involving virtual world for kids now live.

·         One of Europe’s most important private investors in online businesses, Grupo Intercom, enters the social gaming market together with Freedom Factory, one of Spain’s leading game developers

·         Baobab Planet is a game for children between 6 and 12 years old, that develops their abilities and allows the active participation of parents in their gaming experience

·         The game is already available to download and install, completely free, at www.baobabplanet.com/en/

Barcelona, Madrid, November 24, 2010.- The shared dream among children of building their own tree house can now be fulfilled with the worldwide launch of Baobab Planet. Reaching a global market, the game is being launched in 5 languages (English, German, Portuguese, French and Spanish), and is the result of a partnership between Grupo Intercom, one of Europe’s most important private investors in online businesses, and the renown videogame company Freedom Factory Studios, with the collaboration of Aviatrix Entertainment, experts in animation and audiovisual content for children.

In Baobab Planet kids can build their own tree house among the branches of a planet with the shape of a baobab tree. A place where they can explore and enjoy many different missions and adventures: rescuing a baby monkey, preventing insects from drinking all of the ecosystem´s water, or building elevators to move around the different areas of the planet.  These are just some of the games that will entertain children and whilst helping them develop their cognitive, emotional, social and learning skills at the same time.

We know that the most natural way to reach children is through the game. Because of this, we have created Baobab Planet, a dream world where we encourage the development of children and invite their parents to actively participate in this process. In Baobab Planet we want both children and their parents to have a great time together and share a bonding experience”, highlights Xavier Valverde CEO of Baobab Planet.

Baobab Planet goes beyond the classical barriers for children videogames, because it invites parents and tutors to actively participate in their kids’ gaming experience for the first time. With www.baobabparents.com/en/, an area created specifically for parents, they can access tools to interact with their children and suggest them challenges and missions in the game.

Every day we observe that parents are really interested in being aware and participating in their children’s evolution. That is why Baobab Planet is not only a game that encourages the development of various abilities in kids, but it also invites parents to take advantage of the possibilities that new technologies offer them to get involved in that process”, points out Agnès Corcoll Champredonde, psychologist and member of the Baobab Planet team.

Furthermore, the game offers a narrative based on the principle of sustainability, fostering ecological conciousness and stimulateing creativity, common sense, perseverance, respect and collaboration.

Baobab Planet is available, for free, to download and install on PC (OS Windows) at www.baobabplanet.com/en/ on November 24th. The game, which launches in an online format, has the goal to soon expand into other entertainment platforms: Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Apple platforms and TV series, among others during 2011. The Premium version of Baobab Planet will be available by the end of December 2010, with many more missions and adventures.  

About Baobab Planet

Baobab Planet ( www.baobabplanet.com/en/) is a new concept of online multiplatform game created by the union of two renowned Spanish companies. Grupo Intercom, one of Europe’s most important private investors in online businesses and Freedom Factory Studios, experts in animation and videogames; and the collaboration of Aviatrix Entertainment, experts in animation and audiovisual contents for children. Baobab Planet offers a universal concept, with an integrated narrative based on the principle of sustainability. It is a dream world dedicated to children, where they can have fun while training their abilities, and where parents can actively participate in their kids’ gaming experience.

For more information please contact:

Marco de Comunicación 

Telephone: (+34) 936 350 500  / Mobile: (+34) 672 153 549

Sofia Rodríguez: sofia@marcodecomunicacion.com

Brianna Gordon: brianna@marcodecomunicacion.com

Skype: baobabplanet_mdc

Twitter baobab Planet: @baobabPlanet_EN

News Page baobab Planet: http://www.baobabplanet.com/en/press/ 

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIX0pHa6BKQ

Video InGame: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dciWZw_QfpM

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BaobabPlanet.en

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