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Bangolia launch

New York-based game audio production specialist opens its doors (with a suitably atmospheric creak).

NEW YORK - Jan. 15, 2009

Bangolia announced today that it has formally launched its efforts to provide A-list entertainment audio resources to the videogame industry. It is backed by industry leading audio production company Bang Music, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this month. As games continue to expand the market into the mainstream behind an ever-expanding user base of console owners and games played on the PC, audio will play a crucial role in ensuring widespread consumer assimilation. No longer is there a distinction between mainstream entertainment and videogames, supported by NPD predictions putting the US videogame industry at $22 billion in 2008, with continued growth anticipated despite the recession.

Bangolia was formed by a group of videogame audio production veterans and is poised to offer the industry a collection of the world’s best audio talent and content under one centrally managed organization. In addition to focusing on the technical aspects of game audio production, Bangolia will also focus on providing top quality audio resources from the traditional entertainment industries, including the record industry, feature films, television programming and commercial advertising. Among its many high profile talents is composer Mateo Messina, Grammy Award nominee in the Best Soundtrack category, recognized for his work on the major motion picture Juno.

“We have a truly unique and diverse collection of top audio talent from around the world that is unlike anything being presented to the game industry,” says Chris Peterson, President, Bangolia. “We have united these resources under one centrally managed organization that makes client consultation and smooth asset implementation top priorities. This level of talent and meticulous service will help the games we work on continue to compete in the greater media universe and will help the game industry continue to develop into its own unique art form.”

Bangolia brings this quality and diversity to videogames through music, sound design, voice direction and project management. On the music side, the company draws from a distinctive, hand-picked collection of musicians ranging from artists in platinum-selling bands, to composers of award-winning film scores and virtuoso street musicians culled from New York City’s subway “underground.” Most recently, co-founder Brian Jones handled the licensing of George Thorogood’s “Who Do You Love?” into a Sam Adams Beer commercial. Partner company Studio 8 Sound’s Oscar-winning sound designers have produced sound effects in films such as Spiderman 3, Batman Forever, HULK, and the upcoming Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li. Bangolia’s voice offering combines studio locations in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Stavanger, Norway, leveraging relationships with major talent agencies that run twenty years deep. Jones recently capitalized on these resources to create the music, sound design and voice-overs for the television trailer for the Iron Man videogame. Leading the company’s efforts, Chris Peterson brings years of experience serving as Executive Producer on a number of videogame audio projects for various developers and publishers including Obsidian, Blue Fang Games, Atari, K2 Network and Eden Games.

“An audio asset can be the best-sounding thing ever made, but if it doesn’t work in-game, it’s a wasted effort,” continues Peterson. “Every project Bangolia undertakes is considered a consultative process, where we partner with the developer and stay engaged throughout the entire process of pre-production, production, and implementation. While making sure we’re offering game producers sounds they may not have thought of before, we also make smooth asset implementation a top priority."

About Bangolia

Bangolia is an audio and music production studio specializing in offering A-list entertainment talent and content to the videogame industry. Formed in partnership with Bang Music, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in January of 2009, Bangolia is led by veterans of the videogame and traditional entertainment industries. Recognizing that videogames have become mainstream entertainment, its mission is to introduce top-quality audio resources found in other traditional entertainment forms including feature films, music, television programming and commercial advertising, to help videogames gain wider acceptance and enjoyment in the mass consumer market. These resources are united under one organization with meticulous project management practices, drawing from its members’ years of Triple-A game audio production experience.

Bangolia’s network and facilities have worldwide reach and scale. The company is headquartered, along with Bang music, in New York City, with partners Studio 8 Sound located in Los Angeles, the Cutting Edge Group in London, England, and composer/producer Espen Noreger’s studio in Stavanger, Norway. To learn more about Bangolia, please visit

Chris Peterson, President, Bangolia

+1 (212) 242-2264

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