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Spaghetti Western board game coming to iOS, netbooks and PC next month.

19 th November 2010

BANG!, the Spaghetti Western board game is coming to Apple iPhone, iPad HD, iPod Touch, Atom Netbook and PC in December.

Already a massive selling board game, BANG! The Official Videogame allows users - whether they have an iPhone, iPad HD, iPod Touch, Atom Netbook or PC - to play this exciting interactive board game together collectively, no matter what device or machine it is played on, creating the world’s first truly interactive multiplayer experience.

Daniele Azara, Production Director of Italian production company Palzoun said, “The MultiCross-Platform Multiplayer feature of BANG! is a very important milestone. BANG! will, for the first time, allow players who each own a standalone platform to play the same game together. For this, we have adopted a new but familiar definition which links the well known concepts of ‘multi-format’ with ‘cross-platform’ functionality. Aside from this revolutionary advancement, BANG! is a fantastic board game that will appeal to gamers and even those who don’t usually play these games but fancy trying something different. These two facets together make this is a great product.”

Giovanni Caturano, President and CEO of SpinVector, the Italian developer of BANG! said, “Our MultiCross-Platform Multiplayer technology means that of course we have created multiple versions of our code and content, one for each platform. All versions have been optimised and re-designed but the key is that they all ‘talk’ together. Obviously, each platform has different capabilities (e.g. high definition graphics, touch-screen etc) and therefore there are small design differences, but overall the game is represented in exactly the same way across each version, ensuring players get the same multiplayer experience regardless of whichever platform BANG! is played on.”

Daniele concludes, “Beginning with BANG!, we are all enthusiastic in building a new and exciting bridge in videogame technology. This game represents a clear direction of how our companies can interact with players and the market; developing simple and quality games with broad appeal.”

Following their live action teaser trailer, a brand new BANG! gameplay trailer goes live 6pm Friday 19 th November on and Follow BANG! Official Videogame on Facebook and for exclusive updates.

BANG! will be available worldwide in December 2010 via the iTunes AppStore, Intel AppUp (Atom Netbook) and PC direct download.

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BANG! - JOSÉ DELGADO – The Mexican

“Born to a poor Mother and Father in a Mexican village, José always knew there was more to life. From a young boy, he was as quick on a horse as he was on the draw, so when he was old enough he decided to join the Mexican army and make his name. However, he didn’t like taking orders (especially for drinks) and decided to find fame and fortune on his own. A loner who rarely smiles, José Delgado is one motivated Mexican.

Editors notes


Palzoun Entertainment creates and produces multi-platform digital entertainment and videogames. Innovation, quality and creativity are the tools with which the company uses to develop products of value and entertainment in its capacity as both Publisher and as Developer. As a production company, Palzoun have focused its efforts on licence acquisitions, the creation of IPs and projects, and funding third parties using strategic partnerships, in addition to co-producing and handling commercial relations both inside and outside the country.


SpinVector is an innovative Italian developer that creates hi-tech multi-platform videogames and installations at the boundaries of material and virtual: the result of constant research in the fields of real-time computer-graphics, augmented reality and interaction.


dVGiochi publisher produces casual and family games included the classic BANG!. dVGiochi develops its own board games and, together with its close network of partners and distributors, has won many industry awards in both its national and international markets. dVGiochi is considered a leader in the field of Italian board games.

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