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Bandai brings retro classics to mobile

Arcade titles updated for handhelds

Bandai America has announced the launch of a series of classic arcade titles from the golden days of videogaming, all of which have been tweaked and updated to take advantage of the mobile platform.

First on the list is Double Dragon, the world renowned side-scrolling beat-em-up that swallowed many a coin in the arcade and has since appeared on numerous PC and home consoles.

Dubbed Double Dragon EX, the mobile version includes more than ten unique attack moves in addition to all of the classics such as the enemy throwing attacks. There's also a set of fully functional pick-up weapons and a creative combination system for all levels, incorporating simultaneous enemy hits, mid-air combinations and blocking techniques.

Moon Patrol, re-dubbed Moon Patrol EX for the mobile audience, includes a new "arrange mode" with completely updated graphics, items, attacks and power-ups, as well as two new attack buggies to rove around in.

Both new vehicles also feature a unique attack style to suit the retro flavour of the original and add something new to those who missed out on the classic arcade game.

Horror game Dark Castle - one of the best-selling games on the Macintosh from 1987 to 1990, occupying the No. 1 slot for much of that time - challenges players to seek out and destroy the evil Black Knight.

The mobile version includes 14 danger zones and a network of beast-filled dungeons to explore and conquer in your quest.

Finally, the company is also releasing Bases Loaded, which has been one of the best selling titles on Nintendo's consoles, selling more than three million units. Best known for its realistic player animations and fully controllable batting, pitching and outfield play, the update features all new graphics, a custom character creation mode and a homerun derby mode.

The full line-up of available titles, with additional information on availability can be found by visiting the Bandai Wireless website.

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