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Balance to Win: Motion controlled casual game demo released for the PC


Budapest, Hungary - June 6th, 2007 - KAMPO Interactive today announces the release of Balance to Win, the trial version of the upcoming casual game Balance that can be played by simply tilting a laptop. The game utilizes the tilt sensors built into certain manufacturers' laptops like the Lenovo Thinkpad® series that sense when the machine is dropped to protect its hard disk. Players with appropriate hardware can simply tilt their laptop back and forth to play the game, alternatively the mouse is used to control the game.

Balance is reminiscent of the wooden board game Labyrinth where players steer a ball through a maze to a target. Simple to learn yet difficult to master, Balance, requires players to tilt a playfield to guide one or more balls simultaneously to multiple targets through increasingly difficult 3D obstacle courses. The faster you complete a level the better. Players can post and share their times over the internet along with a recording that can be replayed by other players to see how they managed to do it.

The full version of Balance features over 50 levels plus continous level updates and will be widely available on major web portals via the distribution of Oberon Media.

To commemorate the release, KAMPO Interactive is launching the tournament Balance to Win, where the top 100 scoring players will each win a free copy of Balance, which launches July 1st. Players can compete now at www.balance-game.com. All Balance to Win participants receive a 50% discount to pre-order Balance for $9.95. The competition closes on June 30, 2007 and current standings will be available at www.balance-game.com/top100.

KAMPO Interactive ( http://www.kampointeractive.com) is a game development and publishing company with a focus towards casual games for PC, mobile and handheld devices. For more information, visit www.kampointeractive.com.

About Oberon Media

Oberon Media ( http://www.oberon-media.com) is the world's leading casual games solution provider. The Oberon Game Center platform is the industry standard and has been adopted by some of the world's largest corporations. The platform combines casual game content, merchandizing and features to fulfill each partner's specific needs. Oberon Media's publishing arm works with the industry's best, award-winning game developers to produce the top-selling casual games, which can be played in more than a dozen languages on PC, web-based, mobile and console platforms. Oberon Media was founded in 2003 and has offices in New York, Seattle, London, Cyprus, Tel Aviv and Singapore.

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NOTE TO EDITORS: A full version of Balance is available upon request.

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