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BAFTA winners announced

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts have announced the winners of this year's British Academy Video Games Awards.

Bioshock was chosen as the year's best game, but Nintendo's Wii Sports won six out of thirteen awards, in categories ranging from Sports to Multiplayer to Innovation. It also won the Gameplay award, defined as "the ability of a game to captivate and engage a user's attention and provide a compelling experience."

The Xbox 360 game Crackdown won two awards, as did the PlayStation 2 game Okami. Although a few PlayStation 3 titles were nominated, none of them won any awards.

The Gamer's Award, chosen by the public, went to the PC title Football Manager 2007. BAFTA also recognised Ragnarawk, an RPG created by a team of students as part of the Dare to be Digital design competition.

A complete list of the winners is as follows:

Action and Adventure: Crackdown

Strategy and Simulation: Wii Sports

Sports: Wii Sports

Multiplayer: Wii Sports

Casual and Social: Wii Sports

Use of Audio: Crackdown

Original Score: Okami

Technical Achievement: God of War II

Artistic Achievement: Okami

Gameplay: Wii Sports

Innovation: Wii Sports

Story and Character: God of War II

Game: Bioshock

The Gamers' Award: Football Manager 2007 (PC)

BAFTA's "Ones to Watch": Ragnarawk

At the end of the evening, Will Wright, creator of The Sims, was awarded a BAFTA fellowship in recognition of more than 20 years' work in the industry.