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Backbone plans movie, comic adaptations for Death Jr.

The first PlayStation Portable software to be demonstrated in public, Backbone Entertainment's Death Jr., is set to become a comic book and possibly a Hollywood movie, with the publisher keen to see the IP exploited outside of the videogames market.

Work on the comic book based on the adventures of the eponymous central character is already well underway, and Circle of Confusion - a production company owned by Sony Pictures - has now optioned the rights to make a movie based on the property.

The movie rights were picked up by Circle of Confusion in conjunction with Orange Grove Entertainment, which is a production firm run by Lawrence Guterman - best known for his work at the helm of comedy flick Cats and Dogs.

Not bad going, when you consider that Death Jr. has still only been seen in the form of short gameplay movie, and that the first game in what is clearly intended to be a franchise won't appear until next year - on a platform that doesn't even exist yet.

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