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Debut iPhone release from the Hungarian-based indie studio.

Budapest, HUNGARY –June 22, 2010 - AntDroid Games is pleased to report that its first game BACIS is now available for purchase through App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. „App Store is a great opportunity for us small developers to reach millions of gamers who wants to enjoy easy to Pick up & Play games”, says Krisztian Kasz, co-founder of AntDroid Games. „It is also a great platform for us to prove how important is the simple and fun gameplay.” Complete with colorful graphics and great content, BACIS feature gameplay that capitalizes the platforms touch controls.


The kitchen is infested with dangerous bacillus hordes! Your job is to wipe them out! Do you think they’re cute? WRONG! Bacis are ugly, bacis are nasty! Don’t let them escape! Show no mercy!

The BACIS App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is a new puzzle title, designed specifically for the three popular Apple platforms. While playing BACIS, players guide little bacillus to their doom by sliding their fingers across the screen. Every bacillus has its own sinkhole, and the players should find the right path to nudge the little creatures to their deaths. Players have to plan carefully their strategies, because chances are high that a bacillus can escape. Customers who will experience BACIS, will learn that the gameplay is very simple yet highly addictive. The game affords a very easy entry level, so everybody can learn the basics without any frustration. On higher levels, the game offers a reasonable challenge. Fortunately, anybody can choose the playing order between a group of levels, which ensures that nobody can stuck with one level forever. BACIS is packed with colorful visuals and charming music, and challenges the players mind through fifty levels.

BACIS features:

- Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

- Up to 300 levels via free upgrades

- Dozens of hours of fun

- Pick up & Play gameplay

- Controls designed for the touch screen

- Quick fun gameplay ideal for travelling

- Colorful visuals with likable characters

- Memorable soundtrack by Kevin MacLeod

- Funny sound effects

- Future improvements (like new level packs) will be available for free

BACIS is now available on the App Store. The BACIS App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are now available for $1.99 from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at: http://itunes.apple.com/app/bacis-the-puzzle-game/id376230369?mt=8

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About AntDroid Games:

BACIS has been developed by AntDroid Games, a newly founded independent Hungarian game development studio. The small team consists of highly trained professionals, who have several years experience on the field. Focusing on ’Pick up & Play’ games, AntDroid Games will release several quality titles in the future. The team’s goal is to develop fun games that everybody can enjoy.

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About Alpha-Tauri:

BACIS has been published by Alpha-Tauri Interactive Ltd.. The company was established in 2007 by experienced Hungarian game developers. The members have plenty of years of development behind them, and they believe that they can achieve success with their high standard and sophistication of work. The goal of the employees and partners is to create products that customers find highly entertaining.

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